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    Sporting Shot No. 9 online

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    Sporting Shot
    Issue No. 9 is now online, featuring:
    • Fine gun photography from David Grant's Best of British
    • Driven guinea fowl with Silvio Calabi and Gary Kramer
    • Bozeman-based artist Liz Lewis
    • Video from the action shop at Holland & Holland
    • & much, much more . . .
    Ed Carroll,
    associate editor, Shooting Sportsman
    editor, Sporting Shot

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    trouble accessing issue #9


    I have enjoyed all the other online issues of the magazine but I cannot seem to get issue 9 to display.

    I get a gray screen with a tab to flip through the pages and the title of the pages but no magazine.

    Any suggestions?


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    Mr. Bauman -- I've had some success in troubleshooting these problems through familiarity and repetition, and will offer below my top three fixes. But I'm a little troubled that you've been viewing Sporting Shot just fine all along and now experience difficulties. Has something changed with the browser on your end since your last visit? Any settings or preferences changed? If yes, please tell me what browser you're using and what you think may have been changed, and that will get me more specific.

    Top Three Fixes for Sporting Shot difficulties:

    1) Download the latest version of Adobe's Flash Player plug-in; CLICK HERE and the site should automatically detect just what you need and walk you through the steps.

    2) Check your browser's settings to ensure that you are set to accept cookies and to allow Javascript to run. The software for Sporting Shot relies on these features to measure your visit and offer us important information on unique visits compared to repeat visits, and allows readers to pick up where they left off on a subsequent visit. More importantly, it just won't work with those settings turned off.

    3) Check your browser "About" menu (usually at top left) to see if there is a newer version available. If yes, try updating the browser. You can also download a new browser to test Sporting Shot in. If you haven't tried Google Chrome, you can read about it HERE.

    If anyone else has helpful tips, please share them. We've been pleased that there have not been many problems for readers, but I'm the first to admit that I don't have all of the fixes.


    Ed Carroll,
    associate editor, Shooting Sportsman
    editor, Sporting Shot

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    James -- Please do let me know if anything I've offered has helped or changed the picture for you. Also, because you have viewed past issues before with no problems, it may help if you would go to our BACK ISSUE INVENTORY at the bottom right of that page and see if recent issues still work for you. That would help determine whether it is a problem or a change with the software platform for Sporting Shot, or if something has changed on your end.

    Ed Carroll,
    associate editor, Shooting Sportsman
    editor, Sporting Shot

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