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    Question for those of you who hunt big game such as elk or bear. Is there a rifle caliber that you prefer and why? Would a 30-06 or .270 WIN be sufficient or would you choose something else? Thanks in advance!
    I've hunted big game in the west for over 40 years and I own a number of big caliber rifles. You can't have too many. If I were going to buy just one, I'd go with the 30-06. There's commercial ammo available from 55 gr sabots (or used to be anyway) all the way up to 240 gr. Just about anywhere you go, there will be a gas station or local store that will have a box of '06 ammo if you for some reason run out or need some. It can be loaded to extreme accuracy and if you have the right loads can be just as flat shooting as a .270 but with more punch. It's been used on everything from coyotes to grizzly so it'll handle just about everything on this continent.

    I'm an advocate of knowing your gun.
    Gun writers love to write about all the nuances of this and that caliber for this and that species, or particular locale. If you read all the articles you’d conclude you need 20 rifles to handle each hunting season. Forget all that. Get one gun in an all-rounder caliber and make sure it fits, including cutting the stock to get correct length of pull and pitch. That will be important if you ever have to snap shoot, and you will if you hunt much. Then decide on the best load for your hunting conditions and game. I went with 165 gr. boat tail moving pretty fast as a general all round cartridge rather than shooting 150 gr. for some game and 180 gr for others, ad infinitum. Then shoot that gun with that load a lot at varyingdistances until judging the range and where the bullet will hit at that range comes almost second nature. If you wind up shooting a lot of different guns and calibers, it can get confusing when you are out hunting, and its harder to get that 'second nature' feel and knowledge that helps guarantee you'll hit game if your shooting a bunch of different guns. That’s the most important thing. Know your gun and where it will hit at different distances.
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