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    Quote Originally Posted by pathfinder 1984 View Post
    to me, reloading is sort of like tying your own flies. i enjoy reloading almost as much as i do the shooting. as far as the cost savings, i doubt that you save much money unless you buy your components in large quantities.

    i do believe that serious reloaders do have a better understanding of ballistics than those who have never reloaded.

    Ditto: If I have the time in the winter months, it is rather relaxing and one must focus your mind at the task at hand.
    "Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper."

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    Quote Originally Posted by thornton View Post
    I did not find reloading .410s shotshells to involve any fun, even when considering any cost savings involved in the process.
    I hear you.
    I liken it to popping popcorn 1 kernel at a time.
    "Chemists make good solutions"

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    It doesn't have to be "fun" to be fruitful. Many jobs we do that are beneficial and fruitful may not be "fun".

    Cost savings are far from being the only, or even the most important, reason for reloading. Certainly not for me. I reload .410s because I want loads that cannot be bought ....... at any price. 3" loads, for example, with true nickel plated shot, hard nickel plated shot. Where can those loads be bought?

    There is only one place that I know of in the US that offers that shot for sale, and they are not even made in the US.


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    Naturally, fruitful is good.

    I tried some BP Italian nickel #5s and found it soft...still, it worked, as stuff often does.

    Most here agree that specialty loads are a wonderful reason to they needed or just wanted.
    I wanted spreaders and tried various methods to obtain spread ranging from primers to crimp.
    What I never found tho was the spreader loading process to be as fiddly as loading 410s.

    Fiddly can be fun but I never found it so in the case, pun intended, of reloading the 410 shotshell.
    Better "fun" beckoned, for me.
    That others choose fruitful over fun would appear a given....and would be understandable.
    If either would make the .410 components might be a different story.

    My other kick was picking 410s out of tall-ish grass.....going to a Citori helped but other reality remained the same.
    Great gauge for some purposes and grins but....I do not miss any that I owned.

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