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Thread: Best Chokes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben Thayer View Post
    +1 on Ballistic Specialties
    Those may indeed be the best and strongest built choke tubes on the market. And they have the gun bore diameter and choke diameter clearly written on the outside of each choke. Very cool.

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    When I ordered Teague chokes the first time (Summer 2010), it took about 7 days to get from the UK to Virginia. When I ordered a set of chokes during the Christmas holidays (December 2010), it took a good 2 and a half weeks to get them to my house.

    They are well built.

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    I've had good luck with Briley's and Trulock. Seminole seems to be out of the game for a while. Are they gong out of business?

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    Seminole appears to be a mystery. They still are sponsoring the Seminole Cup clays tournament this year and perhaps there will be an announcement made then. More than six months without accepting orders appears ominous.

    I have liked the Trulock chokes I have purchased; however, a friend tried to get them to cut a custom choke for him and it took forever and a day. He sold the gun before they delivered the choke. For over the counter stuff, they're a bargain.

    I can't say enough good about Ballistic Specialties and I've always been satisfied with Brileys.

    For pure clay shooting, a lot of people say very good things about the Pure Gold extended chokes. I'm not a fan of ported tubes but shooters who use them have very good results.

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    I purchased Rhino extended tubes many years ago and they are very good chokes. One responder mentioned you must take them out to see what choke you have, however, Morales now provides some
    etching which identifies the chokes and is easily read without removal. A close friend in the industry indicated to me that the Rhinos patterned as well or better than any other choke tested. I have had them since 1994 and no problems other than the porting does collect residue which needs to be cleaned out with solvent and a toothbrush.

    I did purchase some extended Briley's for a small bore two barrel set and they seem to work very well also. They are marked on the extended portion for easy identification.

    There are many choke manuafacters out there which make very high quality and easily obtained tubes. I would be hard to go too far wrong with a known brand name.


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    The man asks about "best" flush mount chokes.....Teague. 2d place --Briley.

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    Quote Originally Posted by birdshooter View Post
    Seminole appears to be a mystery. They still are sponsoring the Seminole Cup clays tournament this year and perhaps there will be an announcement made then. More than six months without accepting orders appears ominous.
    That is a bummer I bought some stuff from them the last time I was @ the seminole shoot...

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    Quote Originally Posted by sera russell View Post
    The man asks about "best" flush mount chokes.....Teague. 2d place --Briley.
    What he actually said was:

    They are for my Beretta shotguns and I prefer the flush type, but am not adverse to the other type.
    That seems like ample room for bringing extended chokes into the conversation.

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    Since there is "ample room for bringing extended chokes into the conversation" I'll put in my two cents' worth. For years I have shot Comp-N-Choke and Kick's High Flyer tubes, the High Flyers for ducks and geese when I am using my 390. They are both manufactured by the same machine shop in Sylvania, GA., about 15 miles from me. I have watched the processes by which they are made hundreds of times, and know the dedication that goes into producing choke tubes of the highest quality. Before I even knew anything about them I got the owner to thread a 30" barrel on an old 1100 for me and I bought two or three Comp-N-Chokes. I, forthwith, took them and patterned them against what the barrel patterned before being threaded. It was amazing. The patterns were so much more uniform, with a higher percentage of the pellets moved toward the edge and out of the "hot core". There is much more density near the edge with them than any other patterns I have ever seen. This allows killing a bird or breaking a clay to happen with greater consistency on the edge of the pattern than when patterns are sparse on the edge. After all, we are not "in the middle" with every shot, in spite of what we would like to believe about our abilities.

    I will readily admit I have not patterned them against other popular brands. However, if one looks at the record of wins in sporting clays (I don't follow skeet and trap) it becomes readily apparent that the Comp-N-Chokes are giving up nothing to the others. The NSCA Nationals', last October, main event was won by Bill McGuire and Ashleigh Hafley, both shooting CnChokes. Jon Kruger shoots them, and he won the sub-gauge championship there. Will Hinton won the sub-junior, and he shoots them.

    I guess, in my mind, the confidence I have using them in competition comes from my patterning results, the results I see with other top shooters who could shoot anything they want, and the attention to quality that I know goes on constantly in the machine shop where they are produced. It may be difficult to prove, if not impossible, but I firmly believe they are the finest there is. Others may be as good, but there are none better, IMO.

    I have no interest in the company and benefit nothing from their sales. Just thought I ought to throw that in.


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    Given that you want flush chokes, I'd suggest going back to Beretta flush chokes. The quality difference in screw in systems has more to do with the type of choke the barrels are threaded for - agree a big difference if Briley or Teague cut your barrels, but since we're talking about the factory threading, I'd stick to Beretta (for flush chokes) or any of those recommended for extended.

    The really big issue in quality is how well the barrels are cut, not in the quality of chokes you screw in. I've found the Beretta chokes cut pretty well, concentric that is (the chokes themselves). "Quality" of the choke is measured in choke performance, and the high end brands have no corner on that.

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