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    Winnchester Rifles

    When in a local pawn shop recently I held a M 55 Winnchester lever action--looked like a M 94. Priced at about $2500. Never ran into a M55 before. Someone educate me please.

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    Takedown version with half magazines.
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    In 1924, Winchester dropped the rifle version of the Model 94 and replaced it with the Model 55. The have the same action. Made to the mid '30s when it was replaced with the Model 64.
    The first 12000 had their own serial range. After that they were serialed with the Model 94.
    They were available in solid frame and takedown frames.
    Most were .30-30 but .25-35 and .32 Special were offered.
    Most were straight grip but pistol grips were offered
    They all had half magazines.
    About 21000 were madam however resent new information suggest that may be more like 31000 to 35000 made.
    That price sounds high, but they are rare.
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