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    7/8 oz #6 20 ga load

    Since we're talking about guns and ammo in this forum, I'd like to mention a new (to me) load I found at Sportsman's Warehouse a month or so ago.

    They had a 7/8 oz load of #6's. In the past, I've only seen 1 oz loads when shot size moves up to #6. This was the first time I've seen #6 at 7/8 oz. They were prices at $6.79 a box, and shotgun ammo was limited to 10 boxes per customer, so I decided to pick up a flat. To my surprise (and pleasure), when the clerk rang me up, she gave me 10% off! It seems that when you buy 10 boxes of the same shotgun ammo, they give a discount. So, I paid about $6.34 per box. I've used it the last three weeks hunting put-and-take pheasant, and it has worked very well for me. If I had it to do over, I would buy it in a heartbeat! It's Remington ammo, btw.
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    I think your math is off a bit.

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    I've seen 7/8 oz loads of 6's for the 20ga quite often. I believe in the "promotional" load category from all of the big 3 ammo makers. Not surprised that it works well on preserve pheasants. Quite a few guys shoot them with 28's. I was doing a story on a preserve that offered very good pheasants; shot a pile of them with a 28 and 3/4 oz 7 reloads.

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    I think your math is off a bit.
    OK, so I'm not a mathematician. I think you still get the point.
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    They also work very well for Grouse and Woodcock, especially in the early season when the leaves are still on the trees.
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