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    Thoughts on BSA guns

    Does anyone have experience with the British made BSA doubles? I'm curious as to the quality of these guns compared to mass produced American gun's from the first half of the last century.
    How well do they handle as upland guns? Were they made in a wide variety of configuration's? I've thought about picking one up as an entry level English made shooter.

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    BSA was a consortium company and focused on building guns with mass produced parts. The quality of the fit and finish on BSAs varies so it is hard to generalize, but they tended to be more "working class" guns. I have seen a number set up as "wildfowlers." It was not uncommon for these types of guns to be ridden hard and put away wet, so you may want to play close attention to condition.
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    There was lots of discussion about them in a thread on not long ago. I was surprised to find so many are available in gun shops in Canada.


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