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    Quebec = NO ecollars or Prong collars

    I'm unsure if this has already been discussed here but it's noteworthy to those who live, or travel and hunt, in the province of Quebec that they have recently made the use of e-collars, or more specifically "any collar that causes pain or injury", illegal. Dog owners in Quebec caught using shock or prong collars will initially be given a warning, and subsequently issued heavy fines, no less than about $600 per incident.
    The link to the actual government website that outlines the law is written in French. However this site show excerpts from the policy and explains the law in English. FYI.
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    Simple solution... don't go to Quebec.
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    Does anyone know the name of the Quebecer who is on here infrequently -- the guy who is a big-time woodcock hunter? I'd love to find some guys from up there to talk with about this for a story. The bird hunting is supposed to be excellent there, and we are just three hours from the border crossing. Know anyone who lives and hunts there, has hunted there or was planning to hunt there? Feel free to send contact info by PM.

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    Michel Gelinas?
    Do not forget pumpkin!

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    I would like to go to Quebec...I could live w/o the e-collar.

    Not sure about the whole gravy on french fries thing though.

    PS: (Admin) Don't forget the cheese curds. They add more artery-clogging
    goodness to "poutine" making it really good (so they say).
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    Do not forget pumpkin!

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    I wonder how Quebec feels about electric fencing for horses and cattle. A good fence is pretty hot.

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    Ed, you can contact the Quebec NAVHDA chapters for information regarding the ban.

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    And they're after tail docking and dew claw removal in Europe.

    At least we appear to be safe from that nonsense . . . for the time being.

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    Just more liberal nut case garbage, dogs are not humans, but some misguided people want them to be treated as such.
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    E-collars are banned in Wales. There is a move to ban them in the rest of the UK:

    Ireland just passed a law banning tail-docking, with an exclusion for working dogs pending the result of a study in Scotland regarding tail injuries:,74312,en.html
    The Scottish study hasn't been published but it is expected to show that there has been a significant increase in tail injuries as the result of the total ban on tail docking:

    In Canada, the CKC has asked breed clubs to review tail docking/dew claw standards. There are many who want to allow
    natural tailed dogs in the ring...the problem for many is finding a vet who will do the procedures. In the US, breed clubs will be reviewing their standards as well.

    In Maryland, a proposed law is to allow veterinarians only to do tail docking/dew claw removal:
    The hearing is on March 27th--it's passed the house and senate:

    So we are not quite "safe" and the time to get organized and be prepared to act is now.

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