We apologize, but realize that the Netiquette Guidelines of old are not in plain sight -- and may even have disappeared from the site in some upgrade. We will resurrect them ASAP.

Until then: It is not appropriate to assume anything about the age, maturity or personality of anyone reading a post under our brand name -- your hosts, see top-left corner. While we generally assume that most regular visitors are adults, we will insist upon civility that approaches what you might expect on primetime broadcast television.

If you want to obey more gentlemanly rules, you could aspire to some common sense rules of civility: Would I say this in a room where my children/parents/grandparents were present? Would I say this upon introduction to a roomful of strangers? Would I say this aloud at a church picnic?

If we all apply those simple rules, we'll never have to mention this fascinating topic again.