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    Quote Originally Posted by SxS Shooter View Post
    Why is that inane? It is germne to the discussion.

    Breitbart is not part of the Main Stream Media. They do not have anywhere near the number of followers & subscribers that CNN television & website, The New York Times newspaper & website, Time magazine & website, NBC television & website, Fox television & website or The Washington Post newspaper & website have. Those publications, websites and television stations combined have millions upon millions upon millions of viewers and readers. They make a good portion of the Main Stream Media.
    "MSM" has grown significantly in the age of cable TV, Internet, etc. How many people do NOT have access to a computer and the Net? I can remember when "MSM" on TV would have been NBC/CBS/ABC. Fox is clearly MSM. ESPN is clearly MSM. How hard is it to find Breitbart on the Net?

    As for the Time story reported above, the Time reporter in question corrected his error as soon as he realized it. Further elaborated on in Time magazine. One difference between "responsible" vs "irresponsible" media--whether we choose to label them "MSM" or not--is that responsible media will retract stories, issue corrections, etc. Irresponsible . . . "catch us if you can".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larry Brown View Post
    And there is no "faux reporting" coming out of Breitbart? Bwahahahahaha!
    Say SxS . . .you're looking for verification for "fake news" coming out of Breitbart? How about STEVE BANNON accusing them of exactly that!

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