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    Remembering Bill Curry of the Carolina Vintagers

    I met him several times but did not know him well. He had a lot of friends who cared deeply for him.
    Ed Carroll,
    associate editor, Shooting Sportsman

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    I never met Bill, how ever I know him by reputation, and I am sorry for your loss of a good friend. It is my understanding he was a very good man, and a fantastic sportsman. Wish I could have met him!

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    I first met Bill at Georgetown, at The Fall Southern S x S. My friend, Joe Norcom, invited me to come over to the tent where their group was sitting around enjoying cigars after the day's shooting. What impressed me most was his genuine smile and sincerity. He pressed me hard to become a member of the Carolina Vintagers, which I never did because of distance.

    I can only imagine how much that group will miss him. I will miss seeing him at Georgetown.

    Thanks for sharing a well written tribute.


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