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Thread: Beer review

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    I lived in the Land of Sky Blue Waters for two years...Hamm's is no better than Bud Light..

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    Busch litely toed into NASCAR as opposed to Budweiser a couple of years ago....even in the days when I religiously watched 'em trade sheet metal, neither beer seemed to offer a reason for purchase from a short track or speedway association.
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    Do not forget pumpkin!

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    Hamms used to be pretty good way back when they were their own brand. When Bud came up with the "super premium" Michelob, Hamms came out with their own premium brand, Waldech. Unfortunately, the brand didn't survive and ultimately, neither did Hamms. Waldech was fantastic
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    Had a red beer the other night..... Hamms and organic tomato juice... fantastic.
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