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    AH, Larry. I am bored. Politics, rain and 35 mph plus winds for a month now has ruined the fishing and the golf so there is little else to do.

    I just traded a 12 bore Silver Hawk I bought the end of March from an estate sale for a new in the box Browning 22/250 and one of the the last Model 12s made and a pretty good poke of cash to boot. The Mod 12 wears a vent rib and drop dead gorgeous wood. She will be traded for something if this weather doesn't break soon. If not I will use her for a loaner gun for guests this fall. How are you with a pump gun?

    The Fox will become a lovely little Hussey and I will post some photos of her soon.

    Being an old trader yourself, you know how it is.

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    Bob, we've had the same weather, and it's done the same thing to our fishing. Darn!

    Don't tell the wife about lovely little Husseys!

    Pump guns . . . when it comes to pumps and autos, I draw the line at Sweet 16's! No pumps for me. I'll take an OU . . . if I have to.

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    Sweet, how long are the barrels? It might not be Krupp but it seems to have early engraving than some.

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