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    What bird hunting books did Gorham Cross ever write besides Partridge Shortnin'?... and there's not a lot of grouse hunting stories in that one book either.

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    Thanks for the compliment, Dave! It was reading those writers of previous generations--like Evans and Bell and the others--that got me interested in trying it myself. Bell was another of the mostly dogless bird hunting writers. I grew up hunting pheasants dogless and can relate . . . but the world really changed when I got my first good pheasant dog! But when I wrote the first edition of my pheasant book, I thought that Bell's "Hunting the Long-Tailed Bird" was about the best one out there--except Steve Grooms' "Modern Pheasant Hunting". Grooms was my first editor and I hunted with him, so I was pretty sure he knew what he was talking about. Back then, he had a not terribly well-controlled springer that would scale a barbed wire fence. Only dog I've ever seen do that. I caught her doing it on camera and included a photo in my book. Got flak from a few readers who chastised Grooms for encouraging her to do it. He didn't. It was just something Brandy figured out on her own.

    I think Tap included a few stories about "Grampa Grouse" in his books. One of his hunting partners, along with Spiller.

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    Bell's pheasant book is probably my favorite, don't think many shotgun writers have near his rifle experience even if they're from states allowing rifles for deer. Some time back I was corresponding with him he sent me a copy of his "Even the Last Six". That's another book I will keep, don't have anything like it.
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