I read about the Sunflower's sale to a Japanese businessman sometime back in the 80's I think. Most expensive painting ever sold at the time. It was on display in New York and while we were in the city, I went to see it.
It was so beautiful, it was sad. It's hard to explain, but the painting was saddening.

Like the self portrait that is so piercing in it's gaze as to make you look away, so was the Sunflower's painting in New York.
The Sunflowers I saw in London? a couple weeks back, were beautiful, but not as mesmerizing as the painting that I think now resides in Japan.

I'm told his "Iris's" do the same thing for you. Our irises are just fading in the yard now, they are along the drive. The rise up and topple over just like Van Gogh painted his. If I get a chance, I want to see them.