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    About Engraving


    My name is Thierry Duguet, I am a traditional Custom Hand Engraver (Hammer and Chisel). I did publish on YOUTUBE.COM several videos about engraving, they are not selling video I demonstrate several of the techniques I use in my work as most people have little idea of what is involve in that craft. You can see the video here:
    Please not that I am not a videographer, the videos are very long, they are conceive as demonstration for my clients or for other engravers.


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    Thank you. Those videos are very interesting and informative.

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    Indeed, I do enjoy seeing a great engraver at work. I hope you will show more of your wonderful work here and often.
    Most people do not understand the effort and concentration it takes to create the beautiful engravings you produce with such basic of tools. I can appreciate the work you do as I dabble with hand engraving myself, ( but certainly not anywhere near your level of expertise.
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    I am happy that the video were of some interest, I wish they were of better quality but it is the best I can do with my current equipment and my accent. The next one will be about bulino not so much the end result than the technique and tools.

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    Thierry Duguet,
    Thanks much for the engraving education, great stuff.
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