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M1A is better.
Better is a relative term. It's all about perspective. The M1A is a great rifle. I'm a big fan of the 7.62, or .308. A lot more punch than the 5.56.

That said - back to the original statement - the "M1A is better". Better for what? Shooting out beyond 300 yards? Yes. Shooting close range (like a baseball infield) with multiple targets, requiring quick target acquisition, firing, target acquisition, etc. For me personally .... not so much. I've fired both the 308 and 5.56 extensively. The 308 recoils quite a bit more than the 5.56. For acquiring and hitting multiple targets in a dynamic, fast moving, close range situation - I'd take the 5.56. If you really want to get down to brass tacks, and I was the "yahoo" at the baseball diamond in Virginia, I would have had a shotgun loaded with #00 buck, and a 14.5" M4 5.56 slung over my back, and a 9mm pistol (which he had). Luckily, the shooter was low skilled and foolish. That's good.

Ultimately, it's all about perspective.