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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Noell View Post
    It is safe to say that we are more interested in what the Russians were up to than your side seems to be. After today's indictments, it is harder to say that nothing happened.
    I don't think Republicans have ever said nothing happened. Clearly it did. What I and millions of thinking Americans know is that Donald Trump had no involvement in Russian efforts to meddle in our election process, nor has the president obstructed justice. As this farcical Mueller investigation continues what is becoming crystal clear is the DNC, Hillary campaign and FBI colluded to use a Fusion GPS dossier as evidence before a Fisa Court to grant permission for spying on Carter Page, who members of the 'Deep State' (two liberal lovers within the FBI) thought would lead them to unlawful Trump ties to Russia. What the FBI found was diddly, so their operatives worked with campaign advisors and the media to create a massive spin campaign to shed doubt on the legitimacy of Trump's victory over Hillary.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DawgByte View Post
    This was a topic of conversation on Monday while I was in London and nobody could arrive at a reasonable solution. My position has alway been that it was not in our best interest to rebuild Afghanistan and democratize it. Our essential mission was accomplished very early in the proceedings. This whole ****e show started when W decided it was a good idea to ignore history and think the U.S. and it's allies could modernize and democratize Afghanistan.
    "Modernize and democratize" sounds a little bit too much like Jimmy Carter. During the Cold War, we worked with a whole bunch of countries that were neither modern nor democratic. If they were anti-Communist, that was good enough for us. In this case, the goal would lean far less in the direction of modernization or democratization, and much further in the direction of stability. What we do NOT want is for Afghanistan to become yet another example of a failed state. See Libya. See Somalia. See Yemen. We end up conducting fairly frequent military strikes in all of those places. If the Taliban were to take control again, it'd be even worse than that. You'd have people in charge who make Iran's mullahs look like liberals.

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