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    I purchased a Duxbak Plantation Vest from Dunn's about 30 years ago. I really liked it. Front loading. Lightweight. Unfortunately, neither Duxbak nor Dunn's exist these days. So while on a business trip to China I took my worn out vest to a tailor. He made an exact duplicate. Actually, I had him make two. It cost about $40 USD.

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    I use a Cabela's strap vest and it is a good one. I don't like heavy shoulder straps to mess up my shoulder pocket to mess up my gun mount. When looking at Upland Vests & Strap vest I need to get it into my hands and try it on before buying. There are also times when spending less gets you a better functional product sometimes. Look before you buy. Good Hunting.

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    Ddawg, Not a problem buddy, I will befriend ya and lend you a good Vest if you need one, and hunt with ya also.RGD/Dave
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