I have a friend that acquired a GSP that he wanted to hunt with, but was concerned it might be gun shy after shooting a bunch of flickers with the dog near by. He brought it over several days in a row, we released pigeons for the dog to get him fired up about birds. Several days later, we started making some noise when the bird was released, followed by a cap gun at a long distance ,then closer. All was going pretty well, but this guy was serious type A and in a hurry to get it done. Next day, I gave him my .22 revolver with blanks, put him back 100 yds, told him when the bird flushes, fire a shot the opposite direction into the ground to muffle the shot. The dog finds the bird, I release it, dog's fired up until the guy empties the pistol. Still don't know what he was thinking, but it then took 4 months with a very good professional trainer to get the dog to where he could shoot over it.