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    Spolar vs Ponsness Warren reloaders

    My friend just purchased a Spolar gold reloader and invited me over to see it perform. It looks very well constructed, and did a beautiful job reloading 12 ga. shells, but in my opinion, most reloaders will do a nice job with 12's. I think the real test is with 28's and .410's. I am pleased with my P-W and I think that I can produce reloads just as nice. I did not see him reload anything other than 12's. Any feedback from the peanut gallery?

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    Re: Spolar vs Ponsness Warren reloaders

    If your P-W reloads to your expectations - what else is there?

    My Spolar is ten years old or older. While I've never messed with .410 hulls, I never experienced any issues with either 28, 20 or 16's. Rarely load 12's, they all load the same.

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    Re: Spolar vs Ponsness Warren reloaders

    Happy to chime in here folks!

    I have the Spolar Hydraulic and do loads with the 12,16,20,28,410 and the 3" 410.

    As the previous poster suggested anyone can do a 12 ga shell and be happy. But where the Spolar shines is with the small gauge stuff - simply put outstanding!

    I had so many problems with my Mec 9000G - that I would prefer not to remember. Best of all you can change gauges in less than 5 minutes! One of the best investments I ever made.


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    Re: Spolar vs Ponsness Warren reloaders

    I, also, reload 12, 16, 20, 28, and .410 gauge shells. I do it with a pair of P-W presses. I have an 800 Plus and a Platinum 2000. They are both great reloaders and would only choose the 800 Plus over the Platinum 2000 because it is easier the change gauges.
    I've found them to be great reloaders over many years and wouldn't switch brands now.
    That's not to say there aren't other reloading machines that also do a great job.
    I just checked the P-W website and it appears that the Platinum 2000 is being closed out. It is available in 12 gauge only for $700.

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    Re: Spolar vs Ponsness Warren reloaders

    Thanks Rick. I was curious to see how the Spolar handled the smaller guages, and you answered my question. My original thought was to sell the P-W and upgrade to the Spolar, but now I am not so sure.

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    Re: Spolar vs Ponsness Warren reloaders

    My PW 800Bs are 25 to approaching 40 years old. At this point, I only switch them on the bench maybe once every two years. I loaded enough 28s in 2006 to cover me until now. I certainly don't need a new loader. I loaded 1000 7/8 ounce 12 gauge this week without incident and will switch to .410 and load maybe 1500. The last time I loaded .410 was a couple of years ago and I loaded more than 1000 smooth sided greens, about three times fired and ruined maybe two shells. I have used the PWs since the early eighties, have not bought a new one since I bought a 375 when I was in high school in the sixties. The 800s were all preowned and I never paid more than $200 for one. I have friends that own sets of Spolars, and if I were starting out today, I would probably buy them, but I would have a problem with "new" prices.

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    Re: Spolar vs Ponsness Warren reloaders

    They are both great loaders, but the Spolar is a beautifully made piece of gear.
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    Re: Spolar vs Ponsness Warren reloaders

    I have a spolar and I really like the unit!

    The one thing that the spolar will not do is load shot sizes larger that #6.... The drop tube on my loader is small enough that it drops the shot much slower than the Hydralic unit operated thus spilling shot as the shot tube leaves the shell.

    I do not know if this shot tube can be replaced with a larger one or not??

    The company set the loader up to my desired shell recipe and i have not changed or adjusted it in ten years ! (34,000 shells)

    I was going to load a few light early season pheasants loads using my sporting recipe with #5 shot instead of #8 or 7.5.

    I had shot dribbling all over the place so I abandon the idea.

    I did not talk to Spolar to see if this could be corrected or not.

    The loader is built like you would want everything built.... The unit is purpose built to generated a ton of reloads with minimal fuss.... The biggest thing I see over other realoders is the size of the turn table. it is about 1/3 bigger than its closest competitor (PW) which allows great access to the shells at any station.

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    Re: Spolar vs Ponsness Warren reloaders

    Thanks James.

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    Re: Spolar vs Ponsness Warren reloaders

    Thats spolar loads #5's just fine, along with 6-8's.

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